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Hunting Prices for BC Winter Wolf Hunts

Winter Wolf - December and March

$6500 per hunter for 1 on 1 guiding

Cougar/Lynx Hunts - December

$9950 per hunter for 1 on 1 guiding

Trapline Adventures

$3950 per hunter for 1 on 1 guiding
$2950 per hunter for 2 on 1 guiding

Experience the true North in only the way that a backcountry winter hunt can offer.

BC Guide Outfitters has become one of the top wolf hunting outfitters in Canada offering a very high success. Most of our clients have been on other wolf hunts and have not been successful. Through trial and error we have developed a system that has offered approx 50 % opportunity. Our hunts are conducted 100% legal and fair chase standards. With over a decade of experience we have figured out the secrets to put clients on wolves legally. 

Enjoy our homey warm cabins and hot coffee by the stove. Wolf hunting is becoming very popular as their profile as a top predator has been highlighted in the media recently . Lynx and Cougar are hunted by hounds. Winter hunts can be added in addition to our Canadian Trapline Adventure for a true Canadian winter adventure.

Wolf hunting methods

BC Guide Outfitters is pleased to have hunting and trapping areas throughout the province. We conduct our Wolf, Coyote, Lynx and Wolverine hunts out of our remote camps . This lake  is frequented by all game and is a very comfortable way to wait for wolves to come in.

We have spike camp trapper type cabins on a remote lakes . We have snowmobiles and skimmers for traveling to remote camps and checking sites. This is one of the most exciting hunts of the year. We start baiting in fall season and continue throughout the winter. Wolves mate in the Feb/Mar season which makes this one of the best times to hunt wolves when they are travelling.

We use a combination of remote cabins and or pop up blinds with heaters to watch the sites. We can also supply extreme winter clothing and boots for your convenience for a fee.

BC Guide Outfitters is your choice for top quality wolf hunting , lynx hunting and Canadian trapline adventures. Give us a call today to discuss the most exciting hunt yet.

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Wolf Hunting in BC

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