True Northern Hunting Experience

Enjoy a true north experience with Canadian Wolf Hunting Adventures. We provide trapping and hunting adventure trips in British Columbia where the mountains are beautiful and the scenery is breathtaking. Guides will take you every step of the way with their knowledge of primitive skills and bush craft.

Canadian Wolf Hunting Adventures provides everything you need for a truly Canadian Winter Adventure. Either accompany us on an old fashioned trapline adventure, a winter wolf/coyote hunt or a lynx/cougar baited hound hunt. You will stay in one of our trapline cabins complete with warm fires, stories and “hot griddles” off the skillet.

We are not just an Outfitter that does a few Wolf hunts, we are a Wolf hunting Outfitter that understands what it take to be in the game. We are organized and have all the equipment to effect the hunt professionally. We are not part time outfitters, we are full time and are on the ground in our area to provide you with the highest possible service level.

Wolf hunting is fast becoming one of the most desired trophies in the world. Discerning hunters recognize the value of the trophy in obtaining  a Canadian Timber wolf! This is certainly a fair chase hunt with all the exciting elements of a true Canadian winter hunt.

Your host

Mark Werner and family

Canadian Wolf Hunting adventures is owned and operated by BC Guide Outfitters in BC Canada. BC Guide Outfitters have been providing premium fully guided wolf hunting trips for almost a decade. They are members in good standing of the following Groups & Organizations

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